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For over 15 years, Welfare Call has determined that monitoring vulnerable children on a daily basis, not only proves to be the most effective way to ensure that they are safeguarded, but that these children can receive the best education possible. Our extensive range of attendance reports and daily communication with education provisions enables the Virtual School to intervene promptly to individual cases, and develop strategic responses to trends when looked after children are absent from school.This ultimately helps the virtual school prevent breaks in learning and disengagement of young people.

Welfare Call has established a unique understanding in how to help and alert local authorities of potential problematic circumstances through our reporting procedures and trained staff members.

It is our continued mission to improve our service to both prospective and existing Local Authorities that we work with, so that we can extend our areas of expertise to other vulnerable groups.

We pride ourselves on providing a service which offers one to one communication to both authorities and schools which allows for:

  • certain registration marks to be challenged (e.g. B – educated off site – where we contact the the actual alternate provision directly to ensure a child has attended and advise the on roll school accordingly)
  • authorities to be advised of any changes of a child’s placement immediately
  • follow up calls to carers and social workers to find specific reasons for absences
  • ability to request backdated attendance and attainment
  • adaptable reporting based on authorities requests
  • the ability to build a secure, but familiar relationship between all parties involved

Welfare Call currently employees 80 members of staff from around our local community in South Yorkshire. All our staff are enhanced CRB/DBS checked to ensure that we meet current independent safeguarding regulations. They also go through a rigorous training programme to ensure that they are more than capable to collect the attendance data direct from the education provisions and record it in an accurate and reliable manner.

Furthermore, all our call operators have completed an online safeguarding course that was hosted by Southwark authority. The course gave detailed information relating specifically to the safeguarding of children and what to do in certain circumstances. The course required each member of our staff to complete an online test which required 80% or more of the questions to be answered correctly in order to pass the course. This course has ensured that all our staff adheres to certain safeguarding regulations and ultimately ensures the safeguarding of looked after children.

Welfare Call do not install any software or extract any information from a schools system, we only ever ask for the children’s information we are monitoring by name. Therefore there is never the risk of extraction of another child’s data which we should not have been given. This protects us as a company, the school and the authority from breaching any data protection protocol.

  • Customising the ePEP

    As Welfare Call supports over two thirds of UK authorities right across the country you don't have to go far to find someone who is benefitting from the services offered by our dedicated team.

    The map on this page shows the areas covered by our many happy customers. Hover over each area to see which of our services each customer is using.

    If your authority is not yet using us then it's most likely that one of your neighbouring authorities is. Take a look at our testimonials page and then give us a call or drop us an email to find out how you too can share their success.

  • Office workers

    Stuart and Julie Henderson have built up a team of dedicated, professional people, working within our Call Centre, I.T Department, and Customer Services Department to ensure we deliver the highest levels of service.

    Based in Cudworth, Barnsley, Welfare Call are the established market leaders for monitoring the attendance of looked after children since 2002. Welfare Call is registered under the Data Protection Act and all our staff are Enhanced CRB/DBS policed checked with no agency staff used.