Team Profiles

Stuart and Julie Henderson have built up a team of dedicated, professional people, working within our Call Centre, I.T Department and Customer Services Department to ensure we deliver the highest levels of service.

Based in Cudworth, Barnsley, Welfare Call are the established market leaders for monitoring the attendance of looked after children since 2002. Welfare Call is also registered under the Data Protection Act and all our staff are Enhanced CRB/DBS policed checked, and no agency staff are ever used.


Stuart Henderson – Director

Stuart founded the company in 2002, collecting the school attendance for 3 local authorities in the London area. With success of these local authorities the word soon spread and Welfare Call now work with over 90 Local Authorities throughout England and Wales. Stuart is very much the driving force of the company and continues to look at other areas where the synergy of Welfare Call operations matches the requirements of Local Authorities, Colleges, Secure Establishments and increasingly other vulnerable children’s groups.

Julie Henderson – Director

Behind every successful company there is a requirement for the administration and resourcing to be rigorous and robust and Julie has brought many years of experience and expertise in these areas to ensure that Welfare Call meets all legal requirements. Julie takes a “hands on” approach to recruitment, overseeing all appointments and ensuring that all employees meet the strict requirement of CRB/DBS checks.

Chris Armitage – Logistics Manager

Chris joined Welfare Call in September 2014 having spent a number of years in management roles in companies from a diverse range of industries. Chris’ main role is to develop an overall strategy for the company, ensuring that as company growth takes place, the building blocks for that growth are identified and implemented and that the company can expand without compromising the excellent reputation for professionalism that has brought about its success.

ePEP Team

Andrew Henderson – Projects Manager

Andrew joined Welfare Call straight after graduating from Manchester University in 2009 and has learned the business from the ground level up working in every department to get an in depth understanding of the differing requirements from each local authority. He is currently heading up the sales and development of our ePEP (Electronic Personal Education Plan), which is proving both challenging and rewarding in equal measures. Andrew is also involved in training new and existing authorities in the use of all Welfare Call systems for attendance monitoring, attainment collection and ePEP.

Andy Kerr – ePEP

Andy was recruited in Oct 2014 from Sheffield Virtual School Team and brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the processes that are required by Local Authorities to ensure the smooth running and application of the Virtual School system. Andy works alongside Andrew Henderson in the sales, customer service and development of the ePEP as well as training new authorities in its use.

Customer Services

Kay Reynolds – Department Manager (Customer Services)

Kay has managed the customer services department at Welfare Call since 2005 and has proved an invaluable asset to the company. During her time at Welfare Call the company has grown dramatically and the customer services department now deals with a vast number of enquires relating to attendance, attainment and ePEP on a daily basis. Kay ensures that the responses to customers are dealt with in a professional, prompt and most of all helpful manner. Kay’s department maintains a special relationship with all customers ensuring updates and reviews are held on a regular basis and that no query is ever overlooked.

Steve Kurlandzki – Customer Service Manager (Sales)

Steve has worked for Welfare Call since 2006 within the customer services department. He is the first point of contact for potential new customers and goes out on regular reviews meetings with existing clients. As a result of this he is well known across all authorities and has an extensive knowledge of customers’ requirements and needs. Steve also ensures that customers are up to date with all developments and is deriving the full potential of the Welfare Call system.

Matthew Mann – Customer Service Manager

Matthew is enjoying his second spell at Welfare Call, having worked for the company for a number of years before taking some time out travelling, and gaining senior level experience at various other companies. Matthew has a sound grasp of all the Welfare Call services and supports new and existing clients with their specific requirements, as well as promoting the services to prospective clients & Authorities.

IT Services

Denis Bolton – IT Manager

Denis looks after the development and structure of the IT team at Welfare Call.
It is an ever growing responsibility to ensure that the integrity and security of all the data handled is done in a thorough manner. As the company grows and Welfare Call is successful in bringing on new business, then Denis and his team will be looking at all IT requirements on a five year development basis.

Software Development

Chris Johnson – Development Team Manager

Chris joined Welfare Call in January 2015 and has become a valued member of the IT team. He now manages the [expanding] team of developers and is currently working on the creation of new code for our attainment tracker system. As well as looking after our website Chris has also installed business support platforms such as our in house helpdesk and documentation systems.

Marc Saunders – Development Programmer

Marc is a long standing member of the IT team and now manages the team of developers that write the code that makes up Welfare Call’s client services eg Extranet and ePEP.  He is also instrumental in the strategic vision for the five year programme upon which the IT department has embarked, looking at new products and services and making sure that the systems operate efficiently.

Andrew Broadhead – Programmer

Andrew looks after the main attendance monitoring systems, ensuring that we are fulfilling our customers’ requirements on a daily basis.

Department Managers

Rebecca Fevers – Department Manager (Operations)

Rebecca started as a call operator with Welfare Call and has risen through the ranks to become one of the most important cogs in the Welfare Call wheel. Her knowledge of the attendance monitoring systems is extensive and she has become an excellent manager of the biggest department in the company. Rebecca currently has around 45 call operators and 10 admin staff under her supervision.

Sarah Poyser – CFU Supervisor

Sarah has worked at Welfare Call for a number of years in a variety of roles. She has been supervising CFU (Client Follow Up) for the last few years where her team follow up Post 16 and NEETs as part of an ongoing requirement of the government.

Louise McClure – Supervisor (LAC Admin & Operators)

Louise assists Rebecca Fevers in controlling the data collection and input for the data collection department. She has been with Welfare Call since 2006, starting as an operator, moving then into the administration department and proving to be an excellent employee, which meant that we promoted her to the position of Supervisor in Jan 2015.

Janet Fevers – Head of Personnel

Janet runs the personnel department and is a integral part of Welfare Call, looking after day to day issues that arise through a workforce of 80 people. She has been with the company since 2003 and has proven to be an invaluable member of the team.

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