Child Sexual Exploitation

Unfortunately some children are deemed to be at risk of being sexually exploited regardless of whether they are looked after or not. As we are all aware this is now a high profile issue across the country. Due to this, some authorities have now asked us to monitor the attendance of this vulnerable group to ensure that between the hours of 8.30am until 4.00pm (depending on when the school opens and closes) that the children are 100% in attendance and if not, the specific reasons for the absence are gained immediately. If a child is absent then the Local Authority are notified straight away so they can intervene as necessary.

As mentioned above, not all children who are at risk of being sexually exploited are necessarily looked after. However if an authority wishes us to monitor the attendance of children who are not in care this is not an issue for us. Prior to Welfare Call gaining the attendance on a daily basis we will contact each education provision to introduce our service and explain that even though some of the children are not classified as looked after that we are acting on behalf of the authority who in turn has a responsibility to ensure that no child is at risk of being sexually exploited.

Due to Welfare Call working with nearly 100 local authorities and contacting over 6,000 educational provisions, it is highly likely that we will already be in contact with most provisions to gain the attendance for the looked after children prior to ringing for a potential child who is classified at being at risk but not looked after. Due to the established relationship we already have, we get very little resistance with regards to asking for attendance for children who are not in care. If any school are resistant to providing the attendance data we will work with the local authority to try and resolve this as quickly as possible.

The collection of the attendance data works in exactly the same way as with looked after children in the sense that we make a daily telephone call to each provision. This data is then populated within our attendance reports (over 60) which the authority can then choose exactly which reports they wish to receive. The use of our secure extranet service (online database) is also available at no additional cost.

If you have any questions or queries or require any further information please contact us.