Children Missing Education

Increasingly, there is an ongoing requirement within Local Authorities to look at other cohorts of children that may not be in care, but need to be monitored to ensure that safeguarding of these children is kept as a primary focus.

One such cohort are those children living within an authority who require an education to be provided, but are not on a school roll. In such cases the Local Authority is still responsible for providing an education which may then be facilitated by a number of varied provisions. Unlike the arrangements that many authorities have with schools, the authority will not have any automated facility to centrally collect the attendance.

Children Missing Education is a new cohort of children that Welfare Call has started to monitor on behalf of Sheffield authority. Again the premise that we use in order to monitor the attendance for these children works in the same way as it does for the looked after children – we contact the educational provision/s on a daily basis in which the child resides to ensure that they have attended both the morning and afternoon session.

One slight difference is that for this cohort of children we actually make two phone calls a day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) to give 100% assurance that the child was in education for the full day or to notify the necessary team of an absence immediately (as opposed to it be shown on the overnight attendance reports).

All the attendance reports we provide are available for the Children Missing Education team along with the extranet (online database) should they wish to use them.

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