Since Welfare Call was established in 2002 its range of services has greatly increased in order to meet the ever increasing demands and requirements of each virtual school within the local authority.
Originally starting with the monitoring of attendance specially for looked after children Welfare Call now monitors a number of different cohorts of children such as:

  • Youth Offending
  • Children Missing Education
  • Gypsy, Roma, Travellers
  • Child Sexual Exploitation
  • Special Education Needs
  • Children Attending Alternate Provisions
  • And any other groups of children the virtual school wish us to monitor

In addition to monitoring the attendance of the cohorts of children mentioned above, Welfare Call has also developed a number of other services in order to help provide a more in depth picture of the children as a whole.

One such development is that of the electronic personal education plan (ePEP). The ePEP system was developed in an effort to improve both the quality and quantity of PEP’s within an authority but also make the process of completing a PEP more streamlined and user friendly. Each authority has the ability to personalised their ePEP and make it their own.

We are also increasingly being asked to collect attainment data for the children whom we monitor on behalf of the authority. Welfare Call are now able to collect SAT’s, GCSE’s, A-Level results and termly teacher assessment. This data collection process is achieved through a number of different methods. We have recently developed what is known as the schools portal which allows a specific person from the education provision to log into a secure website to disclose the results which the child has gained. In addition to this Welfare Call will also manually request the results via email and phone calls to the provisions.

Lastly Welfare Call also offer a client follow up service. The follow up service was designed to free up valuable time for the organisations, whilst Welfare Call made contact with the NEET’s / EET’s and adults wanting further education, who had been given advice by Connexions or Next Step. Welfare Call then report back to the organisations the feedback received from those individuals as to how effective the advice was, and what they were currently doing after the consultation.

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  • Customising the ePEP

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