Special Educational Needs

Although Welfare Call already currently monitor children with special education needs who are looked after there is an ongoing requirement within Local Authorities to look at other cohorts of children that may not be in care, but need to be monitored to ensure that safeguarding of these children is kept as a primary focus.

Therefore some local authorities are now asking us to monitor the attendance of all children who have a special educational need regardless of whether they are looked after or not.

Our system will enable the local authority to gather and monitor the attendance of this vulnerable group at education establishments both inside and outside of the Local Authority. The ability to monitor the attendance of children placed in specialised provisions also enables the Local Authority to challenge the setting as to their effectiveness of engaging children in education. These settings are by their nature very expensive and as such the Local Authority is required to ensure they are meeting their contractual obligations.

Again the premise that we use in order to monitor the attendance for these children works in the same way as it does for the looked after children. That is that we contact the education provisions on a daily basis in which the children resides to ensure that they have attended both the morning and afternoon session. The full range of attendance reports and the use of the extranet (online database) service is also included as no additional cost.

If you have any questions or queries or require any further information please contact us.