D Edwards – Oldham Virtual School

“A very dedicated and effective service with friendly staff.”

Kashif Nawaz – Virtual School Head, Bracknell Forest

“The role of the Virtual School Head continues to remain a challenging one where the dynamics are as varied as each individual that we work with. Given increasingly limited resources of Local Authorities, it’s also vital that investments are made in services that achieve the highest impact. Having worked with Welfare Call now for 4 years, I consider them more of a strategic partner than a service provider. Not only have they consistently demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism throughout this period reflected in the quality of their work but their proactive approach has meant that we continue to look at ways of further expanding and enhancing our partnership with them. I have no hesitation in recommending Welfare Call as a leader in their field.”

Mobin Chothia – Service Development Officer, Sustainable Neighbourhood Services, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council

“Welfare Call provides a highly professional and cost competitive service that has enhanced our ability to collect progression and impact information for the majority of learners attending our courses. Welfare Call has made this mammoth task into a much easier process enabling us to effortlessly compile mandatory progression returns and demonstrate the value and effectiveness of our service in our community.”

Jane Munroe – (former) Virtual School Head for Harrow Authority

“The customer service we receive from Welfare Call is excellent. They always answer calls, return emails, solve problems and are very helpful when things do not go according to plan.”

Jane Johnson – Manchester Virtual School

“The Manchester Virtual School team has been working in partnership with Welfare Call LAC LTD since 2003 to monitor the attendance and attainment of Manchester Looked After Children (LAC). In 2014, following a full tendering exercise, Manchester commissioned the services of Welfare Call to develop and deliver an electronic PEP system for all Manchester LAC. Welfare Call have worked closely and very flexibly with us to develop this tool to ensure it met all our requirements. They have fully supported us with the ePEP implementation for all of our children who are currently placed across 39 different local authorities. They provide highly professional and helpful telephone advice and support to all of the ePEP users. The introduction of the ePEP has resulted in

• A massive improvement in the quality of communication between social workers, schools carers and the Virtual School.
• A very significant improvement in our PEP completion rates especially for children outside Manchester.
• An immense improvement in the quality of PEPs and the extent to which the child’s needs, strengths and views are evident within their plan.

We have found the ePEP to be a very effective tool for monitoring and tracking the use and impact of pupil premium for every child.

The Manchester Virtual School views its partnership with Welfare Call LAC Ltd to be invaluable in improving the educational experience and outcomes of all Manchester Looked After Children and Young People.”

Graeme Ferguson – Virtual School Head, Derby City Council

“We have been using the Welfare Call ePEP now for over a year having had a paper based PEP previously.

Over this period we have seen:

  • our timely completion rates for the ePEP improve from 85% to 95%
  • an improved quality of what has been written within the ePEP
  • greater consistency
  • improved communication with DT’s and SW’s
  • better accountability for responsibilities”

Kate Harm – Derby Virtual School

“We have now been working with Welfare Call for nearly a year. It has made a massive difference to all with the ability to keep track of and support all Looked After Children now we use ePEPs. Our PEPs are much better quality and are mostly completed on time. Welfare Call has been very approachable and helpful and we very pleased with the service that they offer.”

Sarah Reddy – Oldham Virtual School

“Using Welfare Call enabled us to really ‘know’ our children- we are able to monitor & target individual young people so we can be pro-active rather than reactive”

Chris Hargreaves – (former) Virtual School Head for Doncaster

“I have used Welfare Call for the last three years. The basic service enables me to track, closely, the attendance and exclusions of children in care. I appreciate the support received from the company – they listen to the customer and respond in a positive and effective way.”

Lorraine Brown – HEART Administrator for Enfield Authority

“During the last 5 years Welfare Call staff have been most helpful in providing any specific reports as required in a timely fashion. Telephone calls are met with a willingness to help. More than pleased with service and have recently signed a three year contract.”

‘Care Matters’ Parliamentary Green Paper (page 60)

“Tower Hamlets have contracted with a private company to monitor the school attendance of their children in care. The company call the school every day for those children most at risk of non- attendance and less frequently for those attending regularly. Where a child is not in school, Tower Hamlets will be alerted and can then investigate the reasons for non- attendance. As a result, the number of children in care absent for 25 days or more dropped by 22% in a year: the number of children with permanent exclusions dropped by 33%; and the number of fixed term exclusions dropped by more than 50%.”

Wendy Holme – Advisory Officer Alternate Provision Attendance for North Lincolnshire Authority

“Welfare Call has given me a first class service and response at all times. No change is too much trouble for them. They are a very knowledgeable company, who know what they are talking about and are willing to go the extra mile.”

Tony Clifford – (recently retired) Virtual Head for Stoke-on-Trent Authority

“Working with Welfare Call over the six years that our Virtual School has been in place has been one of the key factors in enabling us to achieve a ‘good’ judgement for Enjoy and Achieve from Ofsted in our recent inspection of LAC services. Our performance teams have been able to work closely with Welfare Call to give us accurate and immediate information about all our out of city LAC and this in turn has improved the timeliness and effectiveness of our interventions. I am impressed by Welfare Call’s commitment to making a difference to young people in care”

Erika Lutzke – Business Support Officer for London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham Authority

“We have been employing the services of Welfare Call for a number of years now, and find them indispensable to the collection of looked after children’s attendance and exclusion data, and also their KS2/KS4 data. Welfare Call reports make it easy to compare and analyse data and take appropriate measures to improve our children’s attendance and attainment.”

  • “The introduction of the electronic personal education plans (EPEPs) system is improving information-sharing, with an increased oversight from the virtual school, although the impact on improving the quality of PEPs is not yet evident. Inspectors found that the pupil premium grant was used well to support after-school activities, including access to a nurture group, extra mathematics and English tuition, and the provision mentors.”

    Haringey – Children’s Services Inspection October 2018 (commenced with ePEP April 2018)
  • “The strong emphasis on ensuring that PEPs are of good quality and completed in a timely way is contributing well to children’s progress.”

    Enfield Children’s Services Inspection March 2019
  • “Education is actively promoted for children in care and the virtual school is increasingly effective in ensuring that children make good progress and reach their potential. The quality and timeliness of personal education plans have improved significantly. Children benefit from regular reviews of their progress.”

    London Borough of Waltham Forest – Children’s Services Inspection – Jan 2019
  • “Personal education plans are timely, set clear targets and are written in the first person. They effectively capture the voice of the child.”

    Manchester Children’s Services Focused visit – 17/09/2018
  • “The majority of personal education placed include a clear picture of the child’s progress, emotional and well-being and behaviour.”

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets Ofsted Inspection (published 07/04/2017)
  • “The quality of personal education plans is much improved.”

    Darlington Borough Council Ofsted Inspection (published 21/05/2018)
  • “The large majority of children and young people have an up-to-date, good quality personal education plan.”

    London Borough of Lambeth Ofsted Inspection (published 09/05/2018)
  • “Personal education plans are good and are regularly reviewed. They provide a vivid picture of individual children’s progress, including their social and emotional well-being, academic abilities and attitude to learning. The plans show how the pupil premium is being used to improve progress. When children are not making expected levels of progress, LACE staff identify and agree support strategies with the school, foster parents and carers to promote improvement.”

    North Lincolnshire Council Ofsted Inspection (published 25/09/17)
  • “Education planning for children looked after has historically been poor. However, teachers and the local authority are now taking full ownership of a recently introduced electronic system, and the quality of personal education plans is improving.”

    Barnet Council Ofsted Inspection (published 07/07/2017)
  • “The large majority of personal education plans (PEPs) are now of good quality. Managers have successfully introduced e-PEPs for all children looked after up to the age of 16. Appropriate training is provided for social workers and designated teachers, which is improving the quality of plans and the impact of PEP meetings.”

    Bedford Borough Council Inspection (published 07/04/2017)