Youth Offending Service

We currently work with some cohorts that are specific to the Youth Offending Service, which may or may not include some Looked After Children.

The Youth Offending Service would receive the same level of commitment for the collection of attendance data that we provide to the Virtual Schools within local authorities. By that we mean that each child would have their educational provision regardless of where it is rang on daily basis to ascertain whether they have been present for the morning and afternoon sessions. We also have the ability to notify carers of any absences in order to verify the validity of the registration mark recorded against them.

However, as youth offenders tend to change educational establishments and court orders on a more frequent basis, the Youth Offending Service would need to notify Welfare Call on a weekly/biweekly period of any additional children that need monitoring or any children that need monitoring service to be ceased.

All the attendance reports we provide would be available for the Youth Offending Service along with the extranet (online database) should they wish.

Additionally, we are also in the process of developing a new service with a charitable organisation (UNITAS) that specifically works on educational programmes for children in these establishments.

Look out for an announcement in the near future on this new partnership in our News section.

If you have any questions or queries or require any further information please contact us.