Stuart Henderson – Director and Co-Owner

Stuart founded the company in 2002, collecting the school attendance for 3 local authorities in the London area. With success of these local authorities the word soon spread and Welfare Call now work with over 105 Local Authorities throughout England and Wales. Stuart has been the driving force of the company and continues to look at other areas where the synergy of Welfare Call operations matches the requirements of Local Authorities, Colleges, Secure Establishments and increasingly other vulnerable children’s groups.

Julie Henderson – Director and Co-Owner

Behind every successful company there is a requirement for the administration and resourcing to be rigorous and robust and Julie has brought many years of experience and expertise in these areas to ensure that Welfare Call meets all legal requirements. Julie has taken a “hands on” approach to recruitment, overseeing all appointments and ensuring that all employees meet the strict requirement of CRB/DBS checks.

IT Development – Chris Armitage, IT Director

Chris oversees the main two elements of the IT department, IT Services – Networks and Service Support and IT Development – which are tasked with Software Development and DevOps. Chris is also part of the Senior Management Team.

The development of the ePEP has proven to be a long process and taken nearly 4 years of planning and service delivery, but ultimately successful collaboration between the ePEP implementation team, the software development team and the customer.

We now have an exciting programme of development that is looking beyond our normal market place, encompassing social services and Business Analytics.

Kay Reynolds – Customer Services Director

Kay heads up a diverse team that includes all of Call Operations, Data Services, Implementation Team that carry out service delivery and training and forms part of the Senior Management Team.

The reputation of The Welfare Call Group has grown over the years largely due to how this department is held in high esteem by all our customers.

We always have a “can do” attitude to the requests of the Virtual Schools and deal with a vast number of enquiries relating to attendance, attainment, and ePEP on a daily basis.

Kay also has responsibility for the implementation of the service delivery and training.

Andrew Henderson – Product Development Director

Andrew joined us straight after graduating from Manchester University in 2009 and has learned the business from the ground level up working in every department to get an in depth understanding of the differing requirements from each local authority. He was an integral part of the sales and development of our ePEP (electronic Personal Education Plan), which proved to be both challenging and rewarding in equal measures. Andrew was also involved in the training of new and existing authorities in the use of all Welfare Call systems for attendance monitoring, attainment collection and IEP.
In his current role he is developing a roadmap for new products that we will be adding to the existing suite of solutions in the Education and SEND market places and forms part of the Senior Management Team.

The Welfare Call Group Teams

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  • “The introduction of the electronic personal education plans (EPEPs) system is improving information-sharing, with an increased oversight from the virtual school, although the impact on improving the quality of PEPs is not yet evident. Inspectors found that the pupil premium grant was used well to support after-school activities, including access to a nurture group, extra mathematics and English tuition, and the provision mentors.”

    Haringey – Children’s Services Inspection October 2018 (commenced with ePEP April 2018)
  • “The strong emphasis on ensuring that PEPs are of good quality and completed in a timely way is contributing well to children’s progress.”

    Enfield Children’s Services Inspection March 2019
  • “Education is actively promoted for children in care and the virtual school is increasingly effective in ensuring that children make good progress and reach their potential. The quality and timeliness of personal education plans have improved significantly. Children benefit from regular reviews of their progress.”

    London Borough of Waltham Forest – Children’s Services Inspection – Jan 2019
  • “Personal education plans are timely, set clear targets and are written in the first person. They effectively capture the voice of the child.”

    Manchester Children’s Services Focused visit – 17/09/2018
  • “The majority of personal education placed include a clear picture of the child’s progress, emotional and well-being and behaviour.”

    London Borough of Tower Hamlets Ofsted Inspection (published 07/04/2017)
  • “The quality of personal education plans is much improved.”

    Darlington Borough Council Ofsted Inspection (published 21/05/2018)
  • “The large majority of children and young people have an up-to-date, good quality personal education plan.”

    London Borough of Lambeth Ofsted Inspection (published 09/05/2018)
  • “Personal education plans are good and are regularly reviewed. They provide a vivid picture of individual children’s progress, including their social and emotional well-being, academic abilities and attitude to learning. The plans show how the pupil premium is being used to improve progress. When children are not making expected levels of progress, LACE staff identify and agree support strategies with the school, foster parents and carers to promote improvement.”

    North Lincolnshire Council Ofsted Inspection (published 25/09/17)
  • “Education planning for children looked after has historically been poor. However, teachers and the local authority are now taking full ownership of a recently introduced electronic system, and the quality of personal education plans is improving.”

    Barnet Council Ofsted Inspection (published 07/07/2017)
  • “The large majority of personal education plans (PEPs) are now of good quality. Managers have successfully introduced e-PEPs for all children looked after up to the age of 16. Appropriate training is provided for social workers and designated teachers, which is improving the quality of plans and the impact of PEP meetings.”

    Bedford Borough Council Inspection (published 07/04/2017)